I am a makeup artist and tail maker living in Calgary AB. About 3 years ago I started to build mermaid tails, I have always loved the water and with a background in special FX makeup and science it just made sense to try to build one.

The first mermaid tail took around 6 months to build, hand sculpting over 1500 individual scales and designing a unique fluke.

Today I have 5 different fluke designs and 3 types of scales. Each tail is custom fit and painted. Some in rich jewel tones and others in more realistic colours. Even with molds made and many improvements to design each tail still takes over 60 hours to build and paint.

When I started building tails there were no other tail makers in Canada but the community is great and supportive. I got the opportunity to meet many of them at Mermania in North Carolina this January. Since starting I have sent many tails to the United States and around the world.

I am so happy to be able to create dreams for other mermaids!

Feel free to contact me with mermaid dreams of your own.

Photos by Citrus Photography, Andras Schram Photography, through the looking glass photography. Models: Tracy Falukozi, Peyton Gastel, Nikki Abbott, Jason Mellor, Carolynne Scoffield.

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Canadian Woman Spends Hundreds Of Hours Making Mermaid Dreams Come True!

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