When it comes to breastfeeding in public it seems that everyone has their own opinion, especially those who will never have to breastfeed. Well, some mom’s out there are standing up for their right to feed their children wherever they please and they don’t care if you want them to ‘cover up.’

Recently, Carol Lockwood took to Facebook to share a hilarious photo of her friend’s daughter-in-law and her genius response to a man who asked her to ‘cover up’ while breastfeeding. Everyone quickly fell in love with the photo and in a few days, it reached over 209k shares. It’s safe to say, her message about breastfeeding has resonated with lots of people!

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Recently, one woman took to social media to share an important message in a hilarious way

This is the response the woman gave the man after he asked her to cover up

Clearly, many people agreed with the message

But of course not everyone was happy with the post, asking them to be more discrete

As it turns out, almost a year ago, a similar situation happened to Nicolle

It’s clear that these women aren’t going to stop voicing their support of public breastfeeding any time soon

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