We have seen amazing ways to recycle different types of plastic , but this group of Brazilian went further and created a reusable bottle cap which can be used as building blocks instead of ending up in the trash bin. Using them as blocks requires no additional steps. Other differential is that they are compatible with Lego bricks.

Rethinking the bottle cap life cycle not only reduce its environmental impact, but also add considerable value for the user. The caps can be used as toys and also as raw material for artists, learning tools to ring the environmental awareness and help develop the creativity of people of all ages.

The team started a crowd-funding campaign at the Indiegogo. They need your help to manufacture the production mold. In return, besides helping to make the project viable, everyone who funds this project receives fun objects made with the reusable caps of their choice, such as table lamps, notebook holders, stools and also a kit with 1000 caps for you to create what you want (with 13 different colors to choose).

More info: indiegogo.com

Objects made with the caps are lightweight and sturdy.