Halloween is nigh, and people are already turning their humble abodes into little houses of horror. If you’re looking for the perfect centerpiece to your spooky Halloween decorations set-up, look no further than these candles that look like severed, bloody hands. They really tie the room together.

A company fittingly-named Creepy Candles is the author of these macabre candle designs, which look terrifyingly realistic. As the candle’s ‘fingertips’ burn down, crimson red wax oozes from the ‘wound,’ and eventually melts away to reveal a metal skeleton. If simply shocking your friends and family with scary Halloween decorations just won’t cut it, this display will surely leave them with a lingering sense of dread that will last for weeks to come.

Check the cool candles out below, and head over to Etsy if you need scary decorations in your life. Just be aware that these Halloween-themed burners are made-to-order, so get your requests in before it’s too late.

More info: Etsy