3D printing has opened thousands of new opportunities for the blind to experience the world around them, but nowhere have we seen a more powerful example than in the story of expecting mother Tatiana Guerra and the 3D-printed bust that allowed her to see her unborn child.

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During pregnancies, ultrasounds exams, which let both parents and doctors view the unborn child, are truly special moments. 30-year-old Guerra, however, wouldn’t have been able to see the ultrasound – she lost her sight at 17 years of age. With the help of a mobile 3D-printing station provided by Huggies, however, the doctors at her hospital surprised her with a bust of her unborn son Murilo.

The heartwarming mix of technology and love is part of a larger campaign by Huggies Brasil providing other mothers with the same opportunity.

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30-year-old Tatiana Guerra thought she’d never get to see her unborn son

As a surprise, her doctors 3D-printed little Murilo’s ultrasound and gave it to her

“See if he feels the way you think he does…”

“I’m very happy to meet Murilo. Before he’s born”

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