My name is Lynn Hetherington Becker and I am an artist in Columbus, OH. A couple of months ago I made a Facebook post offering to do free henna on chemo patients that have lost their hair. On Sunday I did my first henna crown session on a beautiful woman named Anne. Anne has such a beautiful spirit and she is so incredibly strong. She is currently pregnant, and found out she had breast cancer when she was only 17 weeks along. She had to endure a mastectomy and chemo during her pregnancy. She’s now 36 weeks. Chemo will resume after the baby girl is born. Her and the baby are both doing well. We decided to do belly henna too- I’ve painted many baby bumps but this was my first henna belly as well. Please keep them both in your thoughts and prayers. Anne has had a huge battle and it’s not over.

If you know a chemo patient that would like to have their head hennaed that lives in the Columbus, OH area please have them get in touch. This experience touched me deeply and I am thankful to be able to help others through my artwork. 

More info: Facebook