Inspired by the BLM protesters marching the streets, many people are taking to social media to express support to black people and educate people on racism. One of those people is Emeka Okorocha, a 27-year-old doctor from London. The man recently posted a video on TikTok asking everyone to respect him no matter what he’s wearing.

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Recently, Dr. Emeka Okorocha from London was praised for taking a stance against racism

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“If you celebrate me in my scrubs, don’t hate me in my hoodie,” the caption in the video reads as he smiles for the camera.

Okorocha filmed himself stating: “If you celebrate me in my scrubs, don’t hate me in my hoodie”


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“This is the message. Don’t love us just when it’s trendy or convenient. Love us when it’s hard, when you may be criticised, when you may be scared or embarrassed. That’s when we really will feel you stand with us. I don’t want to be clapped for and celebrated when I have my scrubs and PPE on only to see myself and others who look just like me racially profiled for wearing a simple hoodie,” the man wrote.

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The A&E medic reveals that he got the idea for this video after seeing a black lawyer saying he deserves respect when he’s not wearing the suit, too. Dr. Okorocha reveals that people act differently when they see him wearing a hoodie.

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“Everyone seems to love me in my scrubs and everyone is clapping for the NHS, but if I wear a hoodie, as a 6 ft 6 in black man in an affluent neighbourhood—they’ll be scared,” he told Femail.

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The man said that he has even had several incidents with the police where he was stopped for driving too slow in a nice neighborhood. “I’ve been stopped five or six times by police. And never has anything been out of order. I’m just stopped just for suspicion, I’ve been told I looked like ‘someone who was reported in the area,'” he said.

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In support of those who are currently protesting for Black Lives Matter, the doctor shared valuable tips on how to stay safe during demonstrations.

The doctor showed support for peaceful protesters by giving them tips on how to stay safe

The video, which highlights the different treatment he receives as a black doctor and as a regular person quickly went viral. People praised Okorocha for sharing his experience to take a stance against racial discrimination.

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