The internet is falling in love with the latest cute animal Instagram, harlowandsage, run by Harlow and Indiana.

Harlow is a beautiful and expressive Weimaraner who seems to love posing and goofing off for the camera. His late friend Sage, a beautifully speckled Dachsund, also used to play in the photos with him, but after Sage’s death due to old age, Harlow was joined by Indiana, an absolutely adorable and goofy young Dachsund puppy. Now we are treated to regular photos of the two rascals playing and napping together.

Harlow and Indiana now seem to be near inseparable, and all the better for us – their Instagram, where their humans post cute pictures of them enjoying life and each others’ company, has over 100,000 followers. Becoming famous is simple, it would seem: be a cute dog.


After Sage died, Indiana stepped in as Harlow’s new best friend.

Before Indiana, Harlow goofed around with his late old friend Sage. R.I.P.