I’m 25. I live in Malaysia. I go to spin classes twice a week and yoga once a week. I do monthly facials and see my hairdresser every bimonthly. I work as an executive in a corporate setting. I am a degree holder and I have a group of friends whom I love and laugh together with regularly.

I am also a Sugar Baby dating 2 Sugar Daddies.

It happened after I got sick and tired of being ghosted by f*ckboys from Tinder and having gone through some bad break ups (he stalked me at work!!!). Also upon graduation I had some grand ideas that I would be making millions (ok, exaggeration – maybe more than what I’m raking in now) but instead my starting salary was kind of pathetic but ‘market-rate’. I had student loans, rent, car repayments, living expenses and I also want to have a social life.

When I came across a video on Sugar Daddy Dating, I thought let’s give it a go. What’s the harm anyway.

So I did my research and found and registered a profile. It was free and the first conversation was with a Sugar Daddy who was from the finance industry. I asked him about bitcoins and he was so patient and kind to explain everything from the creation of it by a Japanese in 2008 till what blockchains mean and his own projected analysis. Not once in our 6-hour online chat did he mention sex or hooking up.

I was intrigued.

We chatted for a few more weeks and decided to meet up. That’s how I met Sugar Daddy no.1. Kind, generous, knowledgeable and sexy in a suited up way. I also made quite good returns from investing in bitcoins and am now learning about how to look into pre-IPO companies.

Sugar Daddy no. 2 is a digital nomad. He works from everywhere around the world as long as he has his laptop and functioning Wifi connection. He pays for my travels to wherever he is and I always, always have an amazing time.


He’s sexy, adventurous and rather mad really. I enjoy his quirkiness and his sense of carpe diem.

Sugar Daddy Dating in Asia is frowned upon in public but widely practiced in private which is why privacy is of utmost importance. My family and friends know about Sugar Daddy no. 1 although I call him by his first name rather than ‘Daddy’ and Sugar Daddy no. 2 is ‘business trips’.

Whether Sugar Dating is for you or not your cup of tea, carry on. I would rather cry in a Porsche then be left on the street to cycle home alone in the rain.

If men can date women because of their youth, good looks and arm candy material, why can’t women date men for their status, wealth and connections?

What do you think of Sugar Daddy Dating?

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