I’m Del, a Welsh girl who has been living abroad in South Africa for the past few years. I have many creative hobbies and one of them is doodling. I recently picked up some adult coloring books and was so enthused by how relaxing the process was (and following encouragement from friends) that I decided to draw some mandala designs by myself for other people to color.

For the mandalas, I draw patterns and scan them onto the computer. I use Photoshop to flip and copy them into a full circle so that the intricate drawings repeat almost perfectly.

For the doodles, I draw straight onto the paper with black ink pens and let the imagination flow. I don’t start with any preconceived creative ideas, I just draw a central shape and then build up shapes and patterns around it. I use a thicker 0.5mm pen for the main shapes and then fill in detail with a finer 0.3mm nib. Doodling these detailed drawings is just as relaxing as the coloring-in afterward!

I provide the full-size coloring pages for free download, all at 600DPI, and high resolution for high printing quality so that anyone can download, print, and color my art for free, and hopefully find it as relaxing as I do.

More info:

Coloured Paisley Doodle

A finished colorful drawing, hand-coloured with Staedtler TriPlus FineLiner pens (I really recommend them!)

Flower and Leaves

Coloured Paisley Mandala


Oriental Mandala


An Oriental-themed mandala with fishy patterns.

Coloured Mandala

Peacock Mandala

A peacock-themed mandala.

Colouring the Oriental Mandala

Framed Flower


A leafy flower doodle in a square frame

Coloured Dragon Eye

Garden Mandala

A highly detailed garden-themed mandala with butterflies, dragonflies, bugs, and flowers.