If you’re waiting for these pictures of Bangkok’s new tallest skyscraper to finish downloading, don’t worry, they already have. Because although it looks like it’s missing a pixel or two, we promise you that it’s supposed to look like this.

The building is called the MahaNakhon and it’s designed by international architecture firm Buro Ole Scheeren. It’s situated in the capital’s Silom/Sathon central business area, and we’re sure you’ll agree that it looks pretty spectacular. At 314 metres (1030ft) tall, it’s higher than the Eiffel Tower, and not only is it the tallest building in the capital; it’s also the tallest building in Thailand, dethroning the country’s previous winner (the Baiyoke Tower II) by 10 metres. The 77-floor building is a mix-use skyscraper and houses apartments, retail space, bars, restaurants, and, of course, an observation deck. We can’t wait to see what the views are like from the top.

More info: Buro Ole Scheeren

Image credits: Peerasith Kun

Image credits: benstinyplanet

Image credits: MahaNakhon

Image credits: MahaNakhon

Image credits: MahaNakhon

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Image credits: yozawa-tsubasa

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