The term “young at heart” can sometimes be thrown around fairly easily, but there’s probably no one more deserving of this title than baddie winkle, an 86-year-old, just a slightly older model, who is just as “groovy” and “rad” as any 16-year-old out there today.

Almost every day, “baddie” shares truly inspirational photos with her followers on Twitter and Instagram. And there are a lot – more than 200,000 on Twitter and more than 30,000 on Instagram. She’s extraordinarily hip and up to date with all the fashion trends as far as great-grandmothers go because she seems to know what “twerking” is, uses “Gucci” as an adjective and even does a “pop, lock and drop it” dance in a vine video. The icing on the cake – her insistence that she’s about to “steal your man.”

The Instagram models’/hippest grandma’s Twitter account links to an Etsy shop that seems to be run by a woman that Baddie identifies as her great-granddaughter in one of her photos. If you’re a fan of tie-dye and booty shorts, check it out!

Source: Instagram | Twitter | Etsy (h/t: dailymail)

“on my way to steal your man”

ACID just drop it

“trying to live a little longer”

“Having dinner at hooters ! What a babe”

“why twerk when you can hula hoop”

“life alert: caught the feels”


“ya’ll need Jesus”

“Peace and Love”

“night baddies”