You may have recently seen Baby Ryan Doing Manly Things. Two years ago, his big sister Ella was doing sports as a baby. Normal baby pictures are rather boring so I figured I’d use Photoshop to spice them up.

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Ella grabs some big air at the local skate park

The judge from China is a little harsh

A little toe grab on this dive

Practicing those penalty kicks


Denying all shots on goal

Playing cornhole with Ella (no I did not actually throw her)

Textbook batting stance with her eye on the ball

She’s not sure if she likes catching


Dropping back in the pocket for a deep ball

Protecting the rock at 4 months old

She’s got a fierce game face

Pulling off a nosegrind on the rail

Couldn’t quite pull off the grab on this lip trick


Here’s the process of each photoshoot. I set the camera on a timer, taking a picture every second and hold Ella in the different positions I need. Later, I photoshop all the parts together and remove myself from the picture to make a final composite photo.