Canadian blogger Anne Thériault was minding her own business in a Toronto coffee shop when she heard a date dipped in so much douchebaggery, she actually LIVE-TWEETED the spectacle.

Using her smartphone, Thériault documented the 30-minute date in which the guy showed no apparent interest in the girl he was with. In addition to asking her whether she’d “ever dated a writer” (hint; that was his job), he also confessed to looking “like James Franco”, and told her his Puttanesca pasta sauce was even better than his friend’s… who, incidentally, is a chef. What a surprise, no?

Unsurprisringly, the girl had “a look of mild panic” and came up with one of the best excuses to get out of out of what was possibly the dullest half hour of her life.

Think you’ve had Tinder nightmares? Spare a thought for this girl who had a real one!

More info: Twitter (h/t: notable.caaplushuffpost)