Hungarian professional photographer Flóra Borsi is an eyeful. Animeyed, her latest photo series, features beautiful animals superimposed over self-portraits so that the two faces overlap, sharing one animal eye in common. The surreal effect is compounded by Borsi’s use of colors and props to make her look more like the creature sharing the stunning picture.

Borsi is no amateur photographer. Her amazing photos have been featured at the Saatchi Gallery, at the Louvre, and even in commercial software such as Adobe Photoshop CC. Be sure to check out Borsi’s social media for other, mind-bendingly beautiful photos!

More info: | facebook | behance (h/t: visualnews, demilked)

“I wanted to show that the animals are so unique and special, every little detail is different, and we are similar to them somehow,” Borsi told Bored Panda

“Once I tried to do a selfie with my dog, and his eyes were like one of mine. This amateur picture was the trigger to make Animeyed series”

“Each piece takes 15-20 hours from the makeup, hair – photoshoot – stock photo research – manipulation. The retouching progress is about 12 hours for each work”

“After I finished this series I felt like I’ve done something to show how beautiful, unique the animals are, just like people”


Bored Panda would like to thank Flóra Borsi for the interview