What else would you expect from The Terminator? After an unprovoked attack in South Africa recently, when a crazed ‘fan’ came from nowhere with a flying kick to his back, Arnold Schwarzenegger has reacted in typical fashion by brushing it off as merely a ‘jostle from the crowd.”

Schwarzenegger was in Johannesburg for the annual “Arnold Classic Africa,” a sports festival that features professional bodybuilding and related contests, amateur bodybuilding, strength and combat sports, a large health and fitness expo and various youth events. “He travels to all 5 Arnold Sports Festivals (in Brazil, South Africa, Australia, Spain and the main one in Columbus) and he always insists on walking through the crowds, which are as big as 200k people, to see as many sports as possible,” Daniel, Arnold’s Chief of Staff told Bored Panda.

Arnold was casually walking around the venue in Johannesburg, filming participants in action on his phone, when an assailant ran up behind him and hit him with a flying two-legged kick, known in wrestling parlance as a ‘dropkick.’

“I don’t think I’ve seen anyone assault Arnold like this,” Daniel explained. “But he was hit with an egg when he was running for Governor and responded by saying the egg-thrower owes him some bacon, so he is known for his good-humored reactions.”

The clearly disturbed attacker was swiftly wrestled to the ground by security and is heard screaming about wanting “a Lamborghini.” The 71-year-old stumbled from the force of the kick, but managed to stay on his feet. “I can’t tell you what happened to his assailant and what caused him to do this, but we hope he gets his life in order.” Daniel told us. “He was detained by police and Arnold didn’t press charges.”

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Arnold was dignified in his reaction, brushing off the attack to focus on his ‘Arnold Sports’ initiative

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Classic Arnie! Dismissing the assailant as if he was waving away a fly, he managed to turn the attention away from the crazed ‘fan’ and instead remind us of the positive power of sports in turning people’s lives around. Something tells us that the guy won’t be getting his Lamborghini anytime soon, but he should be grateful for the forgiving and upbeat attitude of Mr. Schwarzenegger. “I have seen people throw themselves at him and push to get to him – that’s what he said was common in his tweet. Once you finish those walks, you’re normally drenched in sweat” – Daniel explained.

Image credits: Schwarzenegger

Image credits: Schwarzenegger

Choosing not to press charges against the attacker, Schwarzenegger said he is moving on from the incident. “I hope this was a wake-up call and he gets his life on the right track,” he tweeted. “But I’m moving on and I’d rather focus on the thousands of great athletes I met at Africa.”

Image credits: Schwarzenegger

Despite the attack, the event was a success and there are no plans to change anything for next year; Arnold will ‘be back’ in South Africa. “Everything went as planned!” Daniel said. “It happened right after Arnold filmed his 4th Snapchat story. He posted over 50 that day – he always uses Snap to show his fans all of the sports he sees.”

“It wasn’t an exaggeration that he didn’t know what happened until we stopped and saw the video at a late lunch. And he kept doing it the day after as planned. If you check out his Twitter, the first sport he visited on Sunday was Karate and he joked about it in the video he shared on Snap. He wasn’t sore and we made no adjustments to the schedule. We will 100% be back next year for the Arnold Sports Festival Africa in Johannesburg.”

“We just finished a fantastic safari he also shared on Snapchat so the fun continues.”

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