Augmented reality may sound like something straight out of the new Blade Runner movie, but if you’ve got an iPhone, it’s going to be at your fingertips this fall – and IKEA is helping.

IKEA Place is a revolutionary app that will completely change the way you shop for your home. Using new technology engineered by Apple, users will have the ability to ‘preview’ how pieces of furniture will look in a room by simply pointing their camera at the space they want to fill. The app will then superimpose a properly scaled and aligned image of the desired item into the user’s view. No more awkward returns after realizing that yellow sofa you bought totally throws off the living room’s feng shui.

The long-awaited release of Apple’s iOS 11 update is slated for October, and with it will come Apple ARKit, the handheld augmented reality playing field that made IKEA Place possible. Until then, scroll down for a preview, and prepare to be amazed.

More info: Apple ARKit