Shiyang he, a designer in advertising agency Ogilvy’s Beijing office, has created a series of ads for the Shenyang Center For Psychological Research, which highlight the detrimental effects smartphones can have on human relationships.

The three ads show typical home-life situations, with an oversized smartphone in the middle blocking any conversation between the two people in the image.

Shiyang is not the only one worried about increasing levels of smartphone addiction. In fact, bored pandas are too. Last year, one of our readers submitted a series of photos called The Death Of Conversation, in which he created a photo-gallery depicting smartphone users glued to their devices.

We also created a series of cartoons about how smartphones have altered our lives, not necessarily for the better.

The caption at the bottom of the image reads “The More You Connect, The Less You Connect” – do you agree?

More info: Behance

Images credits: Oglivy (for the Center For Psychological Research, Shenyang)