One year ago, the Alaskan Reddit user, under the nickname mmmckinnell, posted an inconspicuous photo in r/whenyouseeit. The picture came and went with modest interest, and seemed like it was about to be forgotten in the annals of the internet forever. But as it happens, just a few days ago, it resurfaced again and exploded on twitter, Instagram, and other social media. It caught the curiosity of everyone. Just what in the hell is it? Chupacabra; Baby-version of a ManBearPig; a weird lovechild of a calf and a goat; scientific experiment gone wrong; a new breed of animal no-one has ever seen before?

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Be honest. What kind of animal did you see the first second you looked at this photo?

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“Secret” revealed

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It turns out it’s just a ‘plain old’ dog named Doug. He’s a rescue dog from Valdez, Alaska. And just like a sasquatch, a celebrity, or any other weird-looking creature caught on film, he enjoys privacy and being seen as rarely as possible. And so, like a mythical monster, Doug hides in obscurity, never to be seen again by the hungry curious eyes of twitterers, remaining a legend.

Not a complete 180-degree plot-twist, but a solid 90-degree viewpoint change