Animal Problems is a continually growing illustration series by Geoffrey Hewer-Candee. These problems are recognizable from human society, but recontextualized for animals. They cover a range of things from commenting on social issues to just being goofy.

They often fit in the genre of “sadorable,” a portmanteau of sad and adorable. Examples of this are the cat with allergies or the hedgehogs who refuse to stop cuddling despite impalement.

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Problem 3: Pointy Bits

Problem 1: Cold Noses

Problem 8: Arachnophobia

Problem 5: Height

Problem 39: Greed

Problem 12: Agoraphobia

Problem 25: Vegetarianism

Problem 13: Blaming the Victim

Problem 23: Sellouts

Problem 32: Allergies

Problem 15: Double Standards

Problem 29: Law-Making

Problem 17: Assholes

Problem 66: Casting