Few years ago I was just a graphic designer spending most of my free time on a bike. I was really into training hard and racing. As a child I always admired the equipment of the professional cycling teams and when I grew up to be an amateur racer I found great pleasure in dressing like a pro.

After a few years of racing I got a bit tired of blending in with the crowd and I started to think about something more funny and original to wear for races. I came up with an idea to get myself a muscle print cycling suit, so I started designing one. It took months of work and tons of anatomical atlases to get all the muscles in the right place and then another year or two of searching for the company that would be able to put it all together into a fully functional cycling suit. Finally I made my first muscle skin-suit which never failed to catch the attention on local cycling races.

I posted some photos online and soon I was flooded with questions about the suit. I was surprised that there were so many people who wanted to have it. They were athletes, performers, health professionals… Some of them just wanted the suit to dress up for Halloween.

More info: muscleskinsuit.com