Nature has a fascinating way of repeating itself on micro and macro scales. Vast landscapes, like an ocean shoreline or sweeping hills, can be reproduced by nature in the tiniest things, like these beautiful agate crystals that could fit in your hand or even hang around your neck.

Agate’s characteristic colorful bands are formed by gradual deposits of various layers of silicate materials on the inside of an open cavity in a volcanic rock. The colors are formed when various materials, like iron or copper, filter in with the water and silicates. The resulting colors and dynamic shapes can create beautiful abstract designs or forms that resemble landscapes!

(h/t: mymodernmet)

Image credits: Alain R. Truong

Image credits: Alain R. Truong / marsmedia

Image credits: Captain Tenneal

Image credits: Scott Schreiber


Image credits: God’s Painting in Stone

Image credits: Stones In Motion

Image credits: bellenature

Image credits: Kevin McGee

Image credits: Katpix