When Erin Breean from Austin, Texas, took the kitty who was constantly visiting her house to the vet, she didn’t know what she was getting herself into. All Erin wanted was to see if the supposedly male cat — who she and her partner Landon named Kevin — was chipped. The visit, however, revealed that Kevin was full of surprises. Literally.

At first, it turned out that Kevin was a female. If that wasn’t enough, the vet soon determined that Kevin was pregnant. Being a huge animal lover, Erin decided to take in the kitty and help her bring her litter into this world. To everyone’s delight, Erin also documented the entire thing and the diary turned out to be absolutely wholesome.

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“Don’t touch me but give me belly rubs?”

Erin and Landon first noticed Kevin creeping around their patio mid-March. She would visit them once a week or so. But it wasn’t long until the visits became daily. “Catching her was a 4-day ordeal of offering her treats and then food,” Erin told Bored Panda. “During this process, my boyfriend Landon named him (her) Kevin. We would sit out on the patio with her for an hour or two every evening, she would roll around on her back for belly rubs but was really skittish and didn’t want us petting her. She would chase after us if we would get up and walk away, though.”

Eventually, Erin started opening her office door for her and figured if she wanted to come in, she would. She did. “She took a few laps around my office and laid down in the hallway like, ‘This is my house now’. I closed my office door, put her in our bathroom, and found a vet that would see us the next day to see if she was chipped. She wasn’t, and that’s when we found out that she was a girl and pregnant,” Erin explained.

“The date on the right is the estimated age the vet put down for Kevin. No, this isn’t a conspiracy, lol. The date of the visit was cut off so I could squish the pic in an Instagram story”

If Erin was to describe Kevin with one word, she’d call her talkative. “From the first time we spotted her in the green belt to today on our couch, she talks nonstop. She has full conversations with her kittens, which is cute to hear from the other room.”

Now that’s a surprise!

Just like Kevin’s everyday life

The couple also have a dog, Murphy, who was raised with their cat Max (unfortunately, Max passed away in January of this year, leaving a huge empty spot for them all), so he is very used to felines. “We were really hesitant to introduce Kevin and Murphy at first, but Kevin took the initiative and went right up to him, and they’ve been best friends since. He is obsessed with her kittens, and the kittens love to climb all over him, pounce on his tail, and sneak up and stalk him.”

“Best friends”

“She was clearly taking advantage of the situation by now”

“Waiting for kittens”

“April 1, 2020. 3 pm”

“Kevin’s face when she realized she just pooped out a kitten at 3:50 pm”

“4:55 pm, 2 down… *3 down, I can’t count. Lol”

“Four baby Kevins, 6:20 pm”

“April 3, 3 days old”

Erin and Landon have never looked after kittens or even a female pet before, so they were super nervous at first. “She had her kittens 4 days after we got back from the vet, and we spent all our time reading articles for what to expect when your cat’s expecting and asking for advice from friends who had fostered kittens.”

Erin contacted their local shelter, Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter and they sent the couple a ton of useful information and set them up so they could ‘foster’ Kevin and her kittens through them. “This means that when they’re all old enough to go to their forever homes, they will be chipped, fixed, and vaccinated!”

“5 days old!”

Just like their mom, the baby Kevins enjoy the spotlight

“They have all been adopted,” Erin added. “They are going in pairs which we are very happy about, two to a friend here in Austin and two to our old roommate back in San Francisco. They’ll be ready to go home in a week and we’ve decided Kevin belongs here with us for good!”

“Y’all. We were calling her a calico because our vet (and the internet) said the presence of white makes her technically a calico and not a tortoiseshell. Take it up with her and stop DM’ing me, thanks”


“Deaf, blind, and cute af”

“Teaching Kevin how to take selfies”

“April 7, 2020…we made it a week!!”

“Everyone say ‘cheeeese’!”

“3 little beans, all in a row”

“April 14, 2 weeks old! Eyes starting to barely open…”

“Yea, me too kid”

“The little girl wasn’t gaining nearly as much weight as the others, so I took to holding her to make sure she was getting enough lunch without her brothers shoving her out of the way”

“Kevin starting to leave her kids for a few minutes at a time to start exploring the house. I see you, lady!!!”

“To say Murphy is obsessed with them is an understatement”

“Dad life, amiright”

“Best babysitter ever. Trying to live up to Nana from Peter Pan…minus the whole ‘losing the kids’ thing…”

“April 22, they’re getting restless in our bathroom closet, lol. Thiiiiiis close to escaping…”

“Tiny teef coming in…”

“Kevin helping get the spare room ready for the kids”

“Checkin’ out the new digs”

“April 22, the first night in their new room. Growin’ up fast!”

“Everyone knows kittens make the best pillows”

“This bed was our cat Max’s before we lost him in January. We miss him more than anything in the entire world, but I’m pretty sure he’d be happy to see his bed going to good use”