26-year-old Justin, from Florida, U.S. would definitely agree that it takes guts to finally meet the biological parents who never raised you. Fortunately, he conquered his fear and decided to reach out to his mother, who put him up for adoption many years ago. As it turns out, there was absolutely nothing to be afraid of.

Justin always knew that he was adopted and had tried to find his biological mother before. “It’s something that I had just always been curious about because I had known it my whole life. I wanted to see where I came from, I wanted to see my blood and people who bore a resemblance to me,” he told Bored Panda. Sadly, his search always led nowhere since he only knew two things – her name and that her father is a pastor. Only recently he had a stunning breakthrough, after Justin’s adoptive mother sent him an article about a pastor which she believed to be his grandfather. It took some digging around, but that article helped him to finally track down his mother and connect to her on Facebook. After a few intense days of waiting, her lovely response put a wide smile on his face. Justin found out that his biological parents and two siblings can’t wait to meet him.

Tracking down his parents was the best experience of Justin’s life. He was immediately accepted into the family. “I wasn’t a secret at all to anyone,” he said. His two biological sisters always knew about him. “They were just as ecstatic to meet me as I was them. One of them even cried when she first found out when she was little because she wanted a big brother so bad, haha. They’d never had a big brother and they were stoked! It was so amazing meeting and hugging them. I text all of them every day and we all constantly keep in touch!”

Justin revealed the reason he was put for adoption. “She decided to give me up because she wasn’t able to offer the life she wanted to give me at the time due to her age and circumstances, so she wanted a family that could give me every opportunity available. I thought that was the bravest part. She said every March 8th, (my birthday) she would always wonder what I was doing for my birthday. She thought about me so much. ”

With his beautiful story of reunifiction with his family, Justin wants to encourage other people to not be afraid. ” If there is ANYBODY who is reserved about meeting their biological parents or hesitant to reach out, I implore you to do so. You could be in for the experience of a lifetime. It’s so fulfilling and personally, I feel like my life has come full circle. I think it’s important to see where you come from and appreciate that. It’s the most beautiful thing in the world.”

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Meet a 26-year-old Justin from Florida, who was put up for adoption and never met his parents

Recently he had a breakthrough in the search for his biological mother and decided to share his amazing story

The response Justin got from his biological mother is absolutely heartwarming

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As it turns out, Justin’s mother and father are still together

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