During this global pandemic of COVID-19, I was stuck and bored at home just like everyone else. So, I decided to pass the time by taking photographs of my action figures and dioramas.

I have seen people using costly diorama sets, light setup, high-end devices, and lenses. But what if you don’t have any of these?

This is the reason I’m sharing these photos with all of you―you can do the same thing on a small budget. Below you will find my miniature action scenes and behind the scenes that show how they were made.

I used Canon 700D, an 18-55mm lens, and a LED light.

More info: Instagram | flickr.com

Batman vs. Superman

Behind the scenes

Iron Man vs. Captain America

For this picture, I didn’t even use any LED light. I used the slow shutter mode and blue and red wallpapers to get a dramatic effect

Wonder Woman vs. Thanos

Manipulation time! For this picture, I used a single LED light and some black paper as a backdrop. After that, I added a suitable background


Angry Superman

Here are more of my miniature action scenes