He is Giuseppe Palmisano, also known as Iosonopipo. He is 25-years-old and he changed eleven addresses, moved through five different towns, lived within nine different cohabitations. He comes from Apulia, a region from the South of Italy and he manages a concert agency in Bologna, Northern Italy. Actually, he studied theatre in Rome, he’s an actor, poet and photographer. And maybe it’s exactly his photographic production – a compound of surrealism and “erotic absurd”, as many different international magazines defined him nowadays – “to be a mirror of his continuous trip, his relentless research, and all these various home shifts.”

First thing of all I noticed about his pictures, was the way naked bodies are employed. Magazines are telling truth, by defining Pipo one of the pioneers of this funny art movement – erotic absurd, really sharp genre, and surely not so simple to represent: Pipo knows how employ nude without malice, in such an ironic key.

Often bodies seem to be part of the furniture and give to an observer a familiar sensation: the first time I saw one of Pipo’s portraits, I saw him and his stories gathered by a female back, by a figure nestled under a sofa. Afterwards, I told him this thought, this emotion, when we started talking about his photographs, of his non-portraits.

More info: iosonopipo.com