The Rzewuski Palace was built in the years 1921–1922. It was designed by the famous Warsaw architect Juliusz Nagórski. The Rzewuski family lived permanently in Warsaw and it was this palace that was to become their summer residence. In 1945, an agricultural school was established on the premises of the palace. After 1969, offices and apartments for school employees were located here. Unfortunately, in 1985, a fire broke out in the palace, after which the monument fell into disrepair. Attempts were made to save it, but it was to no avail and the renovation of the palace was interrupted.

When I visited this place for the first time in 2017, it made a significant impression on me. The most characteristic thing about this object is an old broken piano that is barely standing on its last leg. Unfortunately, the object falls into worse and worse ruin day by day. There are also plates on the building with the words “building to be demolished.” Detriment. Shame.

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