When Dan O’Grady, the truck driver, saw a little abandoned dog on the side of the highway, he immediately exited the freeway, hoping he would still find the pooch before something bad happened. When Dan approached the stray Jack Russell terrier, he kept barking, then lead the man into the woods as if trying to show something. This is when Dan noticed a white domestic rabbit sitting under a bush. As soon as he grabbed the bunny, the doggie agreed to follow the man into his car. Dan named the two unlikely friends Highway for the dog and Interstate for the rabbit.

The local rescue could take in Highway the dog, but they had to say no to the rabbit. The cute duo was then forced to part ways. The canine has already been adopted from a shelter in Georgia. Meanwhile, Interstate the bunny is getting stronger every day and is looking for a loving forever home.

“Who knows how long he and Highway had survived on their own in those woods,” wrote a spokesperson for Humane Society of Summit County, a rescue where Interstate lives. “And what a lucky rabbit that Highway refused to abandon him when help finally arrived!”

More info: Humane Society of Summit County | Facebook (h/t: thedodo)

A truck driver saw an abandoned dog on the side of the highway, and stopped to rescue him

But the canine refused to be saved, until he lead the man to his bunny friend… The driver rescued both animals!