I wrote a brand new song every week for a year. My friend created an ink drawing inspired by each of the 52 songs.

Last year I decided to push my songwriting abilities by setting myself the challenge of writing a song a week for a year. Sanet Stegmann took up the challenge of capturing the essence of each song in an ink drawing. We then framed each drawing in a specially designed frame with a slot for a CD-single of that week’s song.

You can listen to the songs on Soundcloud here.

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Week 1: Google Song

Week 18: Vitamin X

Week 8: Beyond The Blue Beyond

Week 51: Fight To Be Loved

Week 39: Wash Over The World

Week 48: Meercat And Cobra

Week 44: Sometimes The Harder I Try

Week 15: My Problem

Week 32: Small Soft Animal

Week 17: Love Love Love I Love You

Week 2: Ten Ton Truck

Week 23: Aloneness

Week 23: What’s Up With My Radio

Week 41: Time To Bring The Watermelons In

Week 7: Year Of The Dreamer

Week 19: Tantalise Me

Week 11: Big Fat Nothing

Week 14: Time Whizzes Away