Once “disarming” my five year old son and looking in all the pockets for “treasures“ before washing, I carefully put all into a special box. Nothing should be lost, otherwise Kostya will cry all day long.

A piece of clay indeterminate color, ragged machine, toy phone, coins, sticks, stones, glass, old favorite mitten, Lego, a tank with a curved barrel, paper clips, screws and nuts, strange details, chill, candy wrappers, acorns and chestnuts, batteries and carbines, broken flashlight and a piece of wire – all that any boy needs. Every mother will confirm this.

Over the past couple of years Kostya has accumulated several kilograms of precious treasures in our apartment. All these years me and my husband are in the battle for living space. At first, we tried to talk to our son, to explain and even to threw all the kilograms away – all in vain. For every kilogram thrown away our son brings two more, whether it is a splinter or an old ticket. I had to use a different tactic. First, all will inventoried, put into a box and pushed into a corner. As a rule, the son looks sometimes under the cover and then forgets about it. Then I have not to remind him accidentally about the box, and to move it far away. When it is covered with a thin layer of dust – it’s time! Out of sight, out of mind.

However, during this year this perfect algorithm failed. Kostya’s younger sister Olga has discovered all the corners where her brother hides his treasures. Now we have to hide all the boxes not only from our son, but also from our two year old daughter. Are you also struggling with the same problem?