It’s strange how certain people find each other sometimes.

Last week I got a Facebook message from a beautiful lady residing in the UAE, who has taken it upon herself to rescue unwanted and special needs animals. She found me by chance because I have a small Facebook group. And by small I mean not even 150 members.

Ame Ali has been on dialysis since 2002, herself and her sister take care of more than 30 rescues. All the animals they have in their care are considered not attractive and therefore don’t get adopted out.

She is an incredible woman with a heart of gold, so I wanted to share her story in hopes of helping her animals get adopted. Ame is positive that all the animals in their care will find a suitable home. She has in the past rehomed animals all the way to Denmark as well as Germany.

Each and every animal they have, have a story. And we all know those who have stories to tell make the most appreciative pets. With all the love they get from Ame and her sister, these pets will fit in perfectly with any family who already has pets.

I believe in earth angels, and Ame Ali is definitely one of them. All the animals in their care are up for adoption. So if you would be interested in rescuing a special animal, you can contact Ame Ali on

Billy is only one of the many gorgeous animals these sisters take care of. His story is testament that animals have such a will to live, and with the right care will bounce back and live long and happy lives.

Billy the day he was found in Ajman at a Labour camp. His back leg was badly injured in an accident

Billy today, after having his leg amputated

Ame says he’s just like any other cat, only a little slower. He is in such a beautiful condition, thanks to the care of the Ali sisters.

Billy is so handsome. Ame has informed me that he will have to be an indoor cat