Sometimes, finding the perfect wedding dress seems impossible but this bride faces the opposite problem. Sylvia Martin, 93, is marrying her long-term friend Frank Raymond, 88, in July but she can't decide between her most favorite gowns. So, she asked the internet for help and we're here for her!

The story started when this great-grandmother from Canberra, Australia, went shopping for an ideal gown. She tried on a number of dresses but 4 of them were Sylvia's absolute favorites and she couldn't pick which one to choose. To help her, somebody took the discussion to Facebook where they posted a picture of Sylvia posing in all of the dresses and asked their followers which design should the classy lady choose.

The post also said that Frank has asked Sylvia to marry him many times. "Sylvia has always refused, thinking that to take a new surname would be disrespectful to her deceased husband," it said. "A year ago, Sylvia took ill and moved to Canberra to be near her family, and Frank thought all hope was lost. When Sylvia recovered, she found Frank, who was living in Adelaide, and convinced him to move to Canberra to be with her. Frank arrived a couple of months ago and again asked Sylvia to marry him. Sylvia had learned that you can keep your own surname when you marry, and so said yes."

While we can't attend this beautiful couple's wedding, we certainly can help the bride decide what to wear.

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