It has been shown in many uncited, highly scientific studies that as a house ages, the walls inside grow bored and begin contemplating their ultimate place and purpose in the universe. Sure they’ve got a nice spread, but maybe they want more for themselves. Or maybe they just need your help to lighten up and have a bit of fun.

Perhaps at one time you too have felt this stagnation. I felt it myself and after reading about the first published study on the subject in Bored Housewalls, I knew it was my calling to address the plight of these stalwart champions who keep roofs over our heads and rarely issue complaint.

I’m Jacqueline Jean and under the moniker of Hip & Clavicle I’ve been making 3D wall art since 2010. Aside from making walls happy, my mission is to bring a sense of the outside indoors. I forge winged insects and animals in over 100 colors and patterns of paper.

My art is for nature lovers and daydream believers. If this is you, then… let the whimsy begin!

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A two-tone arrangement of pink wall butterflies adorn a little girl’s room.

I love putting together color arrangements such as this pastel spiral of my facet-folded butterflies. Each butterfly is constructed from two pieces and hand-folded to mimic wing vein patterns.

An installation of facet-folded butterflies in a purple and grey-scale gradient.

My smooth-wing butterflies in matte black, installed in a modern geometric arrangement.

A natural touch: flocking white shorebirds make me think of lazy summer days on the coast.

A modern arrangement of wall dragonflies in orchid metallic.

I make these shimmery dragons in a range of metallic papers. I can’t help but feel a little Mother of Dragons about it.

I drew & colored these butterflies in Adobe Illustrator (where all my paper art begins). I print and then cut them in 10 different colors.

Much of my wall art is facet-folded. I just love how the facets catch the light at different angles, transforming a solid color sheet of paper into a gradient of shades.

Here’s a design in progress, a first draft of wood nymphs or tree fairies.

This wall of color is where all my dreams begin. Someday maybe I’m going to take a swim in the sheets like Scrooge McDuck.

After cutting and gluing, I free-fold each piece of art by hand.

And this is me (Jacqueline Jean) in my little Pac NW studio. Thanks for taking a look at my work! I hope you’ll stop by my site and say hi!