There’s a beautiful saying – “Out of difficulties grow miracles”. And probably most would agree. After all, the greatest sense of gratitude and accomplishment comes after you really try hard for something, whether that would be a tricky dance move, a nerve-racking exam or a difficult period in life. Of course, some have it harder than others and this mom, Erika Hurt, is a perfect example of that. After overdosing in a car a few years ago, she made a terrific recovery and is now a happy woman enjoying life with her son to the fullest.

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This woman, Erika Hurt, posted an inspiring message on Facebook

This Indiana woman went through some difficult times in her life being addicted to heroin. She knows the taste of downfall as she was pictured overdosed in her car with a needle in her hand. But luckily, she knows the taste of victory as well.

After this picture of her overdosed in a car went viral, it was a real wake up call

And she immediately made a decision to quit drugs completely

She made this heart-warming photoshoot with her adorable son not only to celebrate 3 years of her being sober but also to salute her son still having a mother. “Had Narcan not been available to me; or had someone who felt that I didn’t deserve Narcan been there that day, I would have never had the chance to get sober and my son would be growing up without ever knowing his mom,” said Erika.

In her post, she cheerfully noted that it’s already been exactly three years of being drug-free


And what better way to celebrate this occasion than to do an adorable photoshoot

Erika said she wouldn’t be able to live through the most difficult days of withdrawal without the medication that kept her alive until she wanted to live. Even though it was the thing to keep her going, she is overjoyed with motherhood and being the mom she wants to be for her son. “He is my motivation today,” she said.

While she’s saddened to admit that her son was not enough to keep her sober back then

Erika says that today he’s the greatest motivation for her

Although she probably wouldn’t be where she is right now if it wasn’t for Narcan


She says the drug saved her life

Narcan is a medication used to block the effects of opioids

Talk about a great comeback and a happy ending!

People were really touched by her story