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23 Cats In Halloween Costumes That Wish This Holiday Never Existed
User submission

23 Cats In Halloween Costumes That Wish This Holiday Never Existed


Is there anything more cute than a cat? Yes there is – a cat in a Halloween costume! These cats’ owners have come up with creative ideas combining the holiday spirit and their desire to make cats feel as miserable as possible. The final result is this carefully selected, adorable compilation of cats in Halloween costumes, most of which still regret the day when picture was taken. I know I laughed like hell and I don’t even like cats, but I think of buying one, just to dress it for Halloween.

Darth Vader

Maybe the Dark Force is responsible for the mess. Yeah, right.


Miserable so he is.

Princess Leia

The cuteness is strong with this one.

Bob Murrrley

Is that the “Three little birds” song? He absolutely loves them, all!

Captain America

Keep calm, Captain Amurrrica got you covered.

Nick Fur-ry

Always suspicious.

Super-cute Cat

Kryptonite won’t work. An unbeatable one.

Star Trek Kitty

Spock always needed a shaggier partner.


To protect and serve… my own interests!

The Dark Knight


The furriest of them all.

Scuba Cat

He is not afraid of water, not anymore.

Captain Cat Sparrow

Jack Sparrow once said “I regret nothing, ever”

Sailor Cat

If he can’t make mess at the house, he will do it on the boat.

Puss in Boots

A brave musketeer. Taking from the rich, giving to the poor. Nah, keeping it all to himself.

Maverick from Top Gun

This will be his appearance from now on, chicks dig it!


Lion King

Statistically, your cat is already ruling your home jungle, this way your cat will at least look like a king.

Bumblebee Cat

He is just buzzing around.

Froggy the Cat

“Ribbet-ribbet. I said ribbet!”


Spider-Cat, Spider-Cat. Does whatever a spider-cat does.

Harry Pawter

He used black magic before it was invented.

The Little Red Riding Hood


“So, that is the wolf?”

Elvis Presley

The Hillbilly Cat

Jurassicat World

I want to see Chris Pratt taming this one. Impossible.


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