You may see INTJs as aloof, arrogant, and over-analytical (there may be some truth to that) and most likely they will find no reason why they have to explain themselves. This time though, to set things straight, I will explain why.

Illustration style inspired by Yu Nagaba and Sena Doi.

INTJ – In Life. At Work. In Love

We like to be moving to the kind of life that we always imagined

We like to learn so we can do things our way

Our curiosity arises from anything. We become immersed with our own thoughts


When ideas are formed, we want to see it through. It excites us to work on those ideas

If our plans end up just as ideas, we get frustrated

We approach problems methodically, even with emotions


It’s draining to have constant social interactions


Bullies get the surprise of their life when they try to bully us

All we really want is some space

To create life long connections we need to get past small talk

We only allow limited number of people in our lives

When you are in, you’re IN


And being IN means you get to see the part where not a lot of people get to see


We just don’t understand why people hate doing things alone

Without the prying eyes, we get to be ourselves

Titles are just labels

Forgive our (hurtful) bluntness

The Achilles heel of INTJs – romance

Waiting for your INTJ to make a move? You will need patience..lots of it

I suggest telling them what you want to say directly. They will appreciate your guts


If one is already hard enough, what’s the sense of making it twice as hard?

Isn’t it great to find someone who finds comfort in silence and you can do nothing with?

Alone but not lonely