I’ve compiled a list of my top 20 favourite writing prompts, they all come from an Instagram page called Writing.Prompt.s, so if you are interested and enjoy my post, you should check out their Instagram! I love telling stories and I found these specific prompts to be some great starting material. I encourage you to tell your own story in the comments, I will read them all! I’m excited to see what kind of stories fellow Pandas can come up with!

Also, remember, if you enjoy these check out the original Instagram, @writing.prompt.s

#1 I love these kinds of stories!

#2 This should be interesting…

#3 I would love to read a book about this

#4 O.O


#5 A secret robot!

#6 This could be good, or it could be bad

#7 I have a phobia of murderers and mirrors, what are your guys’ phobias?

#8 Wow! I wouldn’t steal from my community though


#9 This is one of my absolute favourite writing prompts

#10 This is another one of my favourites, I really hope someone writes a whole book about it

#11 Is it a dragon? Is it a rebellious Cerberus? Is it something nobody’s ever thought of?

#12 Wow imagine how cool this would be

#13 Wow, the first thing I thought of was dragon or an ancient tribe


#14 This one seems pretty fun


#15 Dang, that’s a lot of $$$ I wouldn’t even know where to start, there’s so much stuff I want

#16 This should be a movie, a lonely old lady who befriends Satan

#17 This one is kind of creepy

#18 This one is a bit intense

#19 I don’t really know how to describe this one

#20 last but not least, you summon a demon while making a sandwich…