Easter is right around the corner, and whether you’re a devout Christian or you’re just in it for the eggs and the bunnies, it’s a great time to gather with family and friends to share some good food. With that in mind, here are 12 adorable and easy DIY Easter snack ideas that will beautifully complement any table.

For some, Easter is simply an opportunity to gather with family, share some food and see what the Easter bunny left behind. For others, Easter is a deeply religious holiday – Christians consider this feast to be a celebration of Jesus’ resurrection.

These snacks take the lighter end of the thematic spectrum – chicken eggs, rabbits, and springtime shoots abound. Where available, we’ve also provided you with the recipe so that you could recreate these cut snacks on your own Easter table. Enjoy!

Bunny Rabbit Pastries

Sheep Rice Ball

Recipe here: annathered.com

Baby Chick Deviled Eggs

Recipe here: mealmakeovermoms.com

Sprout Cupcakes

Recipe here: etsy.com

Bunny Pops

Recipe here: eighteen25.blogspot.com


Cheesecake-Filled Chocolate Easter Eggs

Recipe here: raspberricupcakes.com

Nest Cupcakes

Recipe here: hotpolkadot.com

Chickie Eggs

Recipe here: justjennrecipes.com


Carrot Patch Cake

Recipe here: thepartiologist.com

Egg Chickens

Recipe here: somethingswedish.wordpress.com

Chocolate Bird Nest on Spoon

Recipe here: cutefoodforkids.com

Chicken Sandwich

Recipe here: cutefoodforkids.com