It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about the Kennedy Space Center or a kebab kiosk down the street, there are certain types of people you’ll meet in every workplace. As a commission for toggl, Elizabeth Pich of War and Peas (previously here and here) has created a comic, introducing all 10 of them.

“[My creative partner Jonathan and I] have hardly worked in offices, but when we did, we tried to befriend the office dog,” Elizabeth told Bored Panda. “That’s usually the best way to stay sane. If there is no office dog, we don’t work there.”

“All of these [types] are based on actual colleagues we’ve worked with. You know who you are.”

According to Elizabeth, the complainers are the worst. “They suck the energy out of others. Try to make yours pet the office dog, [but] if that doesn’t cheer them up, they’re hopeless.”

On the other hand, the UFO experts have been Elizabeth and Jonathan’s most favourite colleagues. “They have the best stories. We love alien stories.”

Scroll down to meet the gang, and if any of you freelance and remote workers try to laugh at our misery, I have three words for you – clients from hell.

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This artist illustrated the most common types of co-workers

Image credits: Lukas Ratius