Soutache is a technique relatively new for me. I am an art historian and I started making jewels as a hobby, but when I found this technique I discovered a way of turning into something material concepts, colors and styles that I love. But I am not so interested in the classical soutache like in possibilities that this technique offered me to create all I have in my thought.

Threads are a material full of advantages: are colorful and is easy to work with it. Is a way that permits me made all I imagine. And it’s a lucky, because I have my mind full of forms and colors!

Recently, this hobby has become a job, very satisfactory. I have an Etsy page, and I work for shops in some cities of Spain. And now, I would like to share some of my creations with you and invite all the people to visit me.

Thanks and enjoy it!

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Dragonfly bow tie

Flower ring

Maya bracelet

Earth necklace

Colorful earrings

Drop ring

Cherry necklace

Night earrings

Tiger necklace

Chess ring