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Xiying Rainbow Bridge in Taiwan

Located in Magong, Taiwan, the Xiying Rainbow Bridge is lined with thin neon strips that cast a beautiful rainbow onto the water’s surface during the night time. The lights not only create a fantastic atmosphere, they are also visible from far away, giving a fairytale-like mood in the neighborhood. (via: freshome)

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  • DRB

    What is the name of the bridge in the last photo? It is clearly different than the bridge in the other pictures!

    • zesty

      same bridge, different angle

      • Bored Panda

        haha :) zesty, actually there was a mistake (thank you DRB for noticing) and I’ve already removed that photo.

  • jOEeLiOt

    nice picture.. good article…

Author:   Date posted: Aug 10th, 2012
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