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Water Wigs by Tim Tadder

Commercial advertising photographer Tim Tadder just finished shooting a new project he calls “Water Wigs”.

Tim and his colleagues came up with this crazy idea while working with a mannequin in a studio. They realized that water made cool hair like shapes which worked exceptionally well on bald heads. So he found a bunch of awesome bald men and threw water balloons at their heads to create hilarious water wigs.

Another method Tim used was placing the balloons on the heads and popping them with a laser and sound trigger to create just the head of hair that fit best with the face. He used long skinny balloons for that.

Tim chose to work with triads of colors because he felt that the color adds greater visual interest and makes the images look arresting and amusing at the same time. Tim also tried his own head, but unfortunately was too hairy.


The Bob

The Friar

The Angel

The Don King

The Conquistador

The Jesus

The Mohawk II



The Bun



The Burning Man

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What do you think?

  • Shari Pickett via Facebook

    Very cool photography!

  • Beverley Fussell via Facebook

    Creative artistic fun.

  • Elena Davidson via Facebook

    I’d like to but my hair is too abundant. As for the men, they’re really awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Did they use water balloons to get the shapes?
    That’s quite ingenious.