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Mysterious Underwater Circles Found near Japan

You’ve probably heard a lot of stories about crop circles and aliens, but surprisingly a Japanese photographer Yoji Ookata has found something very similar 80 ft below the sea level. While diving off the coast of Japan, he discovered a mysterious ~6.5 ft wide circle precisely carved from sand. Yoji decided to come back with a TV crew to figure out this strange phenomenon.

The cameras revealed that the culprit was a few-inch long puff fish, creating the sand sculptures by swimming tirelessly and using its single fin. The team figured that this is how the female fish attract the male ones, and the center of the circle is where the pair lays the eggs. The riffles then serve as a protective buffer against ocean currents. In fact, the more riffles a fish makes, the more chances it has to find a pair.

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  • Milada Vigerova via Facebook

    lol :)

  • Kimberly Catlow via Facebook

    That’s beautiful.

  • Bassem A. Farag via Facebook

    it that true

  • Alfred van der Bend via Facebook


  • Alfred van der Bend via Facebook

    sharing a new light on crop circles worldwide :P

  • Tamar Elmensdorp-Lijzenga via Facebook

    Wow, that’s a lot of work for a tiny fish.

  • Burr Öhrström via Facebook

    Is that what American corn-farmers have done too?

  • Ana Isabel Ruiz López via Facebook


  •ñas/705088791 Cristian Dueñas via Facebook

    I wouldn’t say it was aliens, but it was an alien-fish…

  • Gonna Be Awesome via Facebook

    These little guys are incredible

  • azucha

    so there is an creative FISH in this world.

Author:   Date posted: Sep 25th, 2012
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