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Top 40+ Creative Ads Made to Stop You Smoking

To tell you the truth, I don’t believe that even the most creative anti-smoking advertisement can make you quit smoking after you see it. It’s just not how the things work.

When a smoker runs into another anti-smoking ad, often the reaction is – “yes maybe it is cool, but it won’t make me quit – it’s a waste of time and money”. Well of course, one single ad won’t change your mind in a second, but it does create the awareness that smoking is a BAD thing, and when a message is being repeated over an over again – it finds its place somewhere deep inside your unconscious mind.

It takes time, but some day it may build up, and it will seem as though as YOU have an idea – “smoking is really a stupid thing to do, I quit!” What may seem as your own idea, could be a huge job of those creative antismoking ads you used to see everywhere.

So, if you want to help those hooked on smoking, make this list of “Top 40+ Creative Ads Made to Stop You Smoking” VIRAL. Digg it, blog it, share it on Facebook, give thumbs up on StumbleUpon, etc.. – the more people will see it, the more people we will help.

The Smoke

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(via boredpanda)

“The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.”

Advertising Agency: CHI and Partners, UK


(via via boredpanda)

Credit: Gitam-BBDO Israel


More information

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“For more information on lung cancer, keep smoking.”

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Vancouver, Canada


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Advertising Agency: CHI&Partners, London, UK


Sex Life

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“Smoking Can Affect Your Sex Life”

Credits: surajit soms

You smoke. We smoke.

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Credit: BatesPANGULF, Dubai; AD: Fahad Shehadat, CW: Bipen Jacob

Suicide vs Homicide

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“Suicide – Homicide. The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.”

Advertising Agency: CHI and Partners, UK

Passive Smoking: 5 a day

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“Passive smoking kills 5 people a day. The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.”

Advertising Agency: CHI and Partners, UK


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“Smoking can kill your eyesight first.”

Agency: Team Young & Rubicam, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Jumping off buildings harms

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“Jumping off buildings when pregnant harms your baby”

You wouldn’t ignore this warning. Why ignore them on cigarette packs?”

Agency: Lowe Bull, Johannesburg, South Africa

Die Younger

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“People who stand here die younger”

You wouldn’t ignore this warning. Why ignore them on cigarette packs?”

Agency: Lowe Bull, Johannesburg, South Africa


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Agency: Euro RSCG, India


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“Smoking kills 30 times more people than poisoning.”

Advertising Agency: 1pointsize, Chennai, India


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“…Xantham Gum, 3,4-Xylenol, Yeast and there are another 4000 chemicals found in cigarette smoke. Say no to smoking.”

Advertising Agency: The Classic Partnership Advertising, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Cancer cures

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Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, India |Award: Gold Lion, Cannes, 2003

Get to heaven earlier

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“Children of parents who smoke, get to heaven earlier.”

Advertising Agency: Serviceplan, Munchen/Hamburg, Germany

Creative director: Ekki Frenkler | Art Director: Sybille Stempel | Copywriters: Carlos Obers, Christine Deinhart | October 2006


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“SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: Drinking This Water Causes Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema, And May Complicate Pregnancy”

“Would you drink it?”

Advertising Agency: Intermarkets, Dubai, UAE


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“Terrorism-related deaths since 2001: 11,377. Tobacco-related deaths since 2001: 30,000,000.”

Advertising Agency: DDB New Zealand


Smoking is harmful to your breath

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“Smoking is harmful to your breath. National Committee Against Tobacco

Agency: TBWA, Paris, France


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Advertising Agency: NeogamaBBH, Brazil

Reduces weight

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Touchstone Advertising, Mumbai; Aditya Uphadayay, Kailash Chaudhari, Shoeb Shaikh, Raju Gawde


(via boredpanda)

Agency: Everest Brand Solutions, India

Smoke Demon

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Roughly: “What people call a puff, the bible calls something else.”

Advertising Agency: Neogama BBH, Brazil


(via boredpanda)

Agency: GMASCO Marketing Communications, Dubai, UAE


(via boredpanda)

The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

Advertising Agency: CHI and Partners, UK


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“Everything you do affects your chilfren. Stop smoking with Nicorette.”

Advertising Agency: Draftfcb Kobza, Wien, Austria

Non-Smoking Pub

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“The First Non-Smoking Pub in UAE.”

Creatives: Jaywant Dabholkar, Porus Jose, Tushar Mahajan


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“It’s called suicide because it’s your choice.”

“Give up smoking: 0 8008 700 700″

Advertising Agency: Mercury 360, Bucharest, Romania | Published: December 2008

Non Smoking Area

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Advertising Agency: TBWA\Athens, Greece

Creative Director: Vangelis Vrouvas

Worst Side

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“Secondhand smokers are on the worst side of the cigarette.”

Advertising Agency: BDDP Unlimited, Paris, France

Second hand smoke

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“Second hand smoke in the home hospitalises 17,000 UK every year.”

Advertising Agency: Chi & Partners, London, UK | Creative Director: Ewan Paterson | December 2008

It’s murder

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“Smoking isn’t just suicide. It’s murder.”

Advertising Agency: DRAFT FCB + IDB

Just looking at them makes you sick

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“Cigarettes. Just looking at them makes you sick.”

Advertising Agency: JWT, Brazil

Poor swimmers

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An award winning advert for ASH depicting the effect of smoking on male fertility, created by Clear Marketing Communications: Writer: Andy Fenton and Art Director: Jason Chadwick

Carry on

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The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

Advertising Agency: CHI and Partners, UK


(via boredpanda)


(via boredpanda)

Quick vs Slow

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P.S.: if you want to help those hooked on smoking, make this list of “Top 40+ Creative Ads Made to Stop You Smoking” VIRAL. Digg it, share it on Facebook, thumbs up on StumbleUpon, etc.. – the more people will see it, the more people we will help.

P.S2. don’t forget to check The Facts About Smoking [Pic]

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What do you think?

  • shubham wadhwa

    it is really bad

  • bwhitevc

    now i need a smoke.

  • dylan

    i agree with all these ads, but honestly after looking at all that i really need a smoke…

  • kayla

    im smoking while reading this. how can they equate my smoking outside my home, on the porch, to putting a plastic bag over my daughters head or handing her a cigarette? completely absurd. and why cant i publish pro-smoking ads? if this was truly a free country i would be able to.

  • Vincent

    Many are saying good advertisements and they should be everywhere. Then please be kine enough, take permission and put the advertisements which you like in the place you live. And believe me people who do this, there were will be many advertisements everywhere.


  • devil’s advocate

    Very creative ads! Some are scarey, but I guess the advertisers are assuming they may be able to scare people into quitting. I find it interesting that some of the current smokers who read these ads, said the ads were stupid. But, in all kindness and as an observation, isn’t it stupid to smoke in the first place.

    If you step outside to smoke, you are not harming your loved ones directly. Just when they have to bury you before your time. It’s a strong addiction which can make the most sensible person make up excuses to justify their action.

    I’ve watched a family member die of cancer. She didn’t smoke that much. First it took her independence, then it took her pride, then it took HER piece by piece. Pretty soon she was a shadow of her glorious strong self. It didn’t happen fast. It took her slowly and painfully. Please! No loved one should ever have to watch a family member deteriorate like that. For that reason I will take the chance of being unpopular in saying PLEASE STOP! Somebody loves you.

    P.S. in Canada we have public health care, so if my taxes pay for you to have all the cancer treatments that you may or may not use in the future shouldn’t people have a say? The price of cigarettes or the taxes for cigarettes don’t even come close to the cost of cancer treatments. Should smokers be allow to bankrupt or health care system? Is it really just their health at stake?

  • sandy

    Great ads, very creative & I agree smoking sucks, I smoked since 197? and just quit this year. I can tell you though NEVER was an ad made that made me quit smoking. A picture and words will NEVER make a smoker stop. My mother died of lung cancer and I still smoked (btw she did not smoke & the cancer had nothing to do with smoking!)

    The only REAL truth I saw in all those ads was the one about being HOOKED! Smoking is like 10 times more addictive than Heroin yet health insurance wont cover treatment for it!?? hello!? what is that message saying when healthcare refuses to pay for the treatment to STOP smoking, but they will pay for the cancer treatment… what is wrong with this picture?

    In my case Chantrix and nightmares worked for me, so far. I still tell myself NO several times a day. It pops into my head and I literally tell myself no. My dad still reached for his shirt pocket where he kept his 20 years after he quit!

  • kat

    I have been hearing about a new ad campaign to stop smoking so I thought I would take a look. I am looking BACK as I quit 4 years ago. One day I was watching a talk show. There were moms talking about their occasional social smoking habit. They would hang with the girls, have a few drinks, smoke some cigarettes, etc. Two of these women were dying from lung cancer. They had to face their children and tell them, “sorry, I won’t be there for your first prom, graduation, wedding, etc. They told their kids they were dying from lung cancer because they smoked.” The biggest blow was seeing the children’s faces…to see their tears of pain, helplessness and confusion. I cried…I felt overwhelming sadness and regret for my own selfish behavior…I thought of my baby who needed me to be there. I smoked a few cigarettes a day for relieve stress mostly. To me, I was not a “smoker” but that was a lie that I told myself. I fought to quit for years and came up with all kinds of dumb excuses and flipped out every time I tried. Talk about addicted! But honestly, just watching that show changed my life and destiny. I quit that day…. immediately. I actually did get cancer later….and I thought, uhh….huh….see what happens dumb a$$. it wasn’t diagnosed as smoking related but easily could have been and I am super lucky to be here. Cancer is the worst thing ever and a diagnosis is like looking down the barrel of a gun. The odds are already great to get the big C and smoking, well, if you smoke, you may as well will it upon yourself. Who the hell would want to do that?? If I could do it all over, I NEVER EVER would touch a stupid cigarette…it is the dumbest thing to do to your body. BTW, that’s what the women who were dying said to their kids too…I bet they felt horrible having to say that!! Your body IS so incredible and special and such a gift…respect it and love it and treat it well. Smokers….GIVE UP’ll see….trust me, YOU CAN DO IT!!!

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  • Josette Hemesath

     leave Kayla alone you asshole! you’re just a shit! it’s here life and her lungs. BE NICE!!!

  • Ocok

    hehe great ads. i think i might start to smoke now.

  • Joph

    I’m sorry but that is a bogus argument. The fact that there are more pollutants out there doesn’t make smoking a good thing…… in my opinion it only means we still have a long way to go….

  • Areyouserious

    She said she doesn’t smoke inside, idiot. Learn some basic reading and comprehension.

  • Juststop

    Are you seriously that dumb? Her point was that she smokes outside. Use your brain. Ugh some people

    • Dorair

      When you smoke, no matter where you do it, it sticks to everything. Your bench, your walls, and more importantly, your clothes. If she hugs her daughter at all when she’s wearing clothes that she’s smoked in recently, she’s still transmitting second-hand smoke. Just because you smoke outside doesn’t mean you’re protecting anyone.

  • star

    see the comments of the smokers below? yep! smoking habit kills your brain. I’m sick of smoking people, they’re just dumb. who cares about your health? it’s about me and other second hand smokers, moron!

  • arendsoog

    Roken is een langzaam gif! En dat komt goed uit. Ik heb helemaal geen haast.