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Top 10 Most Shocking & Bizzare Fountains in the World

Ok, I have to admit that the title of the post is a bit overstated, but I had to grab your attention somehow. And if you are reading this, it worked!

The list of top 10 worlds strangest fountains is far away from being official or anything like that, it’s panda’s top 10.

But don’t worry, you won’t be disappointed – these fountains will be your boredom killers for the next few minutes.

As I am a very curious creature, I’m also really interested in other strange and shocking fountains that I haven’t put there, so feel free to share your findings by leaving a comment.

P.S.: Somehow I feel that by writing these introductions I create even more boredom for you, and that’s completely against my mission (to kill your boredom!), so start scrolling down the pics!

1. Two Peeing Guys by David Cerny

(Bamboo leaf for Chaymation via

“Visitor can interrupt them by sending SMS message from mobile phone to a number, displayed next to the sculptures. The living statue then “writes” the text of the message, before carrying on as before.”

2. “Nation for Itself Forever”(Narod sobe navzdy) by David Cerny

(Bamboo leaf for via

(Bamboo leaf for via

3. Vomiting Fountain Sculpture, London, UK

(Bamboo leaf for steve.wilson via

4. Mermaid milking herself, Bologna, Italy

(Bamboo leaf for casalingarevival via

5. Women under Umbrella

(Bamboo leaf for dasnake via

6. Giant Tap

(Bamboo leaf for Bill Liao via

7. Manneken Pis, Brussels, Belgium

(Bamboo leaf for Xenocryst @ Antares Scorpii via

8. Jeanneke Pis, Brussels, Belgium

(Bamboo leaf for elmada via

9. Blood Fountain, Swansea, Wales, UK

(Bamboo leaf for Swansea Photographer via

10. Boy urinating on a Frog, Kansas City, MO, USA

(Bamboo leaf for raebrune via

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What do you think?

  • Parrie

    “Nation for Itself Forever” looks like a masturbating guy who has reached his climax….LOL

  • Mr Cronk

    No, really Parrie? Wow, you spotted that one.

  • Justin

    Wow, cool pics. It’s funny… Parrie may have stated the obvious, but Cronk felt the need to point out that it was an obvious statement. Classy man, making fun of people on the internet, just classy.

  • Adam

    Justin is insulting MrCronk and is no better than Parrie on the obviometer.

  • Admiral Dry Rot

    yes,he was having a wank! geez.

  • unbound

    #6 is common in so many places, it’s time to retire that one as being special…

  • nanonz

    hmm, thats very odd for you to say, number six…

  • Crogboi

    Im from swansea and that bloodfountain thing isnt exactly true, the red dye was just put in there one time as a prank. It isnt always like that :(

  • Logan

    There’s a place called The Forbidden Corner in the Yorkshire Dales, England. It’s a nice place, there’s lots of strange sculptures and such. This post reminded me, there’s a sculpture there that is a lot like number 7 here (the small boy urinating off the edge of the archway) hidden in some bushes above the path, with a motion sensor below. It’s quite a nice effect, when someone walks past, the motion sensor triggers the flow of water, and the statue answers nature’s call. All over them.

  • Drigs


  • Phil Gear

    Great Post! That gold one just eats me up!

  • peta

    From official Cerny website-

    This project was tricky. The building is Prague’s National Theatre, in a very prominent position on the bank of the Vltava river. The sculpture was supposed to be installed in May 2003, right before Czech referendum about entering the EU. At the end of February the board of the Theatre cancelled it, fearing that they would all lose their jobs

  • rizzlarolla

    I like the milking mermaid… she gave me wood.

  • birdie

    Here’s another one for your collection, to be found in Konstanz (Germany).
    The so called ‘Konstanzer Triumpfbogen’ actually consists of several statues, grouped around a little square pool.

  • Bored Panda

    @birdie thanks! It is a great addition to the list. I bookmarked it, and might use it for the future posts.

  • doc

    Anyone else get turned on by that mermaid?

  • Jake Blumfest

    Yeah, I think thats what “Nation for Itself Forever” was lookin at.

  • Nils Holmström

    Just additional info: The girls under the umbrella statue is called “Böst” and is located in the city of Trelleborg, in the south of Sweden.

    • Midorge François

      Thank you for this information I was seeking .

  • Luna

    these fountains are incredible! and unfortunately are being abused by 90% of the people who have commented here. can we please act our age and not our shoe size?

    wonderful pictures.
    thank you for sharing =]

  • Lunaisafreak

    They are being abused….If we all could only be as high and mighty as you Luna. I for one think it is my right to abuse fountains and do so at every opportunity. And as for acting our age, I do have very large feet!

  • Brandon

    Actually you’re mistaken, the boy isn’t urinating on the frog, the frog is merely giving the boy a friendly splash.

  • rando

    I am from Kansas City and the last statue is located on the Country Club Plaza. The frog is actually spitting the water on to the boy.. You can tell if you look at the picture closely.

  • Grogboi

    Im from swansea too and meh wish we had a blood fountain all year round xD

  • Paul

    I wouldn’t say that the Manneken Pis is ‘shocking’ or bizarre. I mean, it’s been there for several centuries and there are lots of similar fountains around the world. So shocking? No.
    The Jeanekke Pis, on the other hand, can be a little shocking, since it’s not so usual to show women or girls urinating.

  • GezEvans

    The fountain in Swansea wasn’t a prank, it was dyed by the council as part of the St David’s Day celebrations

  • Rebecca B

    I guess I am just an innocent. I did not understand the sculpture of that golden guy on top of the building was doing until I read the comments here. I honestly did not even consider he was jerking off.

  • Item88

    I believe the first one is located in Prague

  • Matt

    number two – the golden guy is a fake it was never installed.

  • Brandon Tedrow

    The vomiting one is the most shocking one to me. Not only does the action seem like a social taboo, but the bodies are crusted over with a different type of mineral.

  • Midorge François

    I would like to know the location and the name of the author of the fountain ” women under umbrellas” .

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