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Realistic Body Art by Chooo-San

Japanese art student Chooo-San, aged 19, uses only acrylic paint and her incredible talent to transform herself into a mutant or cyborg. Multiple mouths, six eyes or even batteries protruding from her forearms – these are just a few examples of what she can do with a human body.

Everything began when Chooo-San was studying for university admission exams. She would draw eyes and other objects on her hands while taking breaks from her studies.

Finally, she took her hobby a step further and created a portfolio of her realistic body paintings. The results look incredibly promising and reminds me of Creepily Realistic Tattoos by Yomico Moreno. Chooo-San is on a good track, and I’m pretty sure we’ll see her on Bored Panda again.


Realistic Body Art by Chooo-San (Part II)

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  • Mel_rodriguez2

    wow, her work is awesome and so realistic :-)

  • Zy Paukste via Facebook

    Gotta love japanese and their art …

  • Pascale Lamboley via Facebook

    Super !

  • jo

    It’s ugly and horrible: it made me feel sick!

Author:   Date posted: Jun 29th, 2012
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