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Incredibly Realistic Pencil Drawings by Paul Lung

It’s hard to believe, but the pictures you’re about to see are not photographs – they were all drawn using a single pencil! Just like Juan Francisco Casas who uses a humble BIC pen to “take” his photographs, this guy also doesn’t seem to need a camera.

Paul Lung, a Hong Kong based graphic designer doesn’t even use an eraser – all he needs is a 0.5 mm technical pencil, A2 paper and some time..Well, about 60 hours! (I don’t want to brag, but I could do the same thing in a minute with my camera).

His works are so photorealistic that people often don’t believe the pictures are not actual photographs. Paul even has to document his work process in order to prove his exceptional skills.

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  • Peto

    why would anyone draw so many cat pictures?

  • Geena Antunovic

    Beautifully Spectacular…<3..

  • Staphanie Varonos

    Hair expert

  • Bob

    dis is gud but i m beta

    • The1prince06

      I doubt anyone like you with your grammar is better. Also, it’s easy to say this when your hidding behind a computer screen.

      • Zain ul abideen

        i guess only 4 or 5 are real pictures maybe all of these will be real.

      • Zain ul abideen

        i guess only 4 or 5 are real pictures maybe all of these will be real.

  • Zrhprint Packaging

    wow.. Thats amazing drawings.. !!!

  • Gina Mayes


  • jessie

    just amazing

  • Darryll Daluddung

     Phantasmagoric shadows.

  • Donald William Gillies

    These are awesome, however, I think that the hardest part to do with realism is the teeth, as the teeth in the first few pictures betray that they are pencil drawings.

  • Motchi Leuterio

    i love cats ^^ ur drawings is sooo amzing

  • Allan Gipan

    Ganda naman !!!! Galing :)

  • hannah

    most of these r obviously not drawn this dude took pictures of some of these i can tell like that lady sitting down that is definetly a taken picture this site has fake drawings that is just horrible to lye aboutsomething that u didnt draw

  • hannah

    this is totes fake