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25 Photorealistic Pictures Drawn with a BIC Pen

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At a glimpse they may look like some pretty sharp photos, but actually all those pictures are hand drawn with a humble Bic ballpoint pen! Can you believe that?

Human eye can be fooled so easily!

Spanish artist Juan Francisco Casas, who’s probably 33 at the time of writing this, uses up to four 14p ballpoint pens to create his stunningly photorealistic drawings, measuring up to 10ft (3 meters) high.

The use of penballs makes his drawings even more peculiar, which certainly has played a big role in his way to success.

Juan’s source of inspiration comes from his own photographs of nights out with his friends, and his works are already a sell-out at exhibitions. You can only imagine how wild his parties is, as half of his drawings include girls that forgot to put on their clothes.

So, if you really want to feel bad about your pen doodles – have a look at these 25 Incredibly Photorealistic Drawings drawn with a humble BIC PEN.

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  • liz

    neil- hahaha so agreed.

  • Wtremmel

    Absolutely amazing! I must guess that these are real life pictures that you have drawn… absolutely incredible!!!

  • RafiMac

    I think the whole point of photorealistic painting is the sort of meditative aspect and concentration required to do it properly. Photorealism is essentially an exercise that all art students use to practice. Mr. Casas obviously has a talent for this style of art and has even taken it to the next level by keeping everything monochromatic. So he’s mastered two exercises that most people can barely even do. I know I sure couldn’t that’s why I moved on to film. The artist is no doubt very talented in many other styles but probably has the most fun doing this type of work. The people that have been putting him down are most likely just jealous of Casas’ awesome social life.

  • Kas

    Pretty amazing, it would be more interesting however if the subjects were more interesting and not just a projection of his fetishes.

  • Citteh

    I love how half the people think that they could do this. I really bet that they could/would not ever be able to. Even if they did have a projector or whatever they claim they would only need.

    Also to everyone who claims ‘photoshopped’ stop being such a whiny ass and finding the bad in everything. I mean really half those girls that you jacked off to could be photoshopped men. ;)

  • ZMannZilla

    Criticism is opinion, and we all have opinions. So if the only way you can de-validate a less-than-positive criticism is by pointing out that it is criticism, you are the simpleton. There is, in fact, a such thing as “bad art”, so long as you aren’t an intellectual coward.

    I agree that the technique demonstrates a well-refined, fascinating skill in an unlikely medium. This is pretty much “art” in a nutshell. That being said, I’m not a fan. These pieces don’t really speak to me on any deeper level, except for perhaps the irony of rendering vapid hipsters in a medium that is the complete opposite of what they deserve – time-consuming and skill-driven. It’s not bad because it could be done in Photoshop, and it’s not even bad because it should have been. In fact, it’s not bad art, period. I just don’t care for it.

  • bandit

    Why is #10 censored but not #s 9, 16, 17, 23, or 25? Nips all over the place!

  • devil | m

    Super-nice post! I love to share this

  • Virginia

    In every fugitive ink test done, the “Humble Bic Pen” does the worst. Every time. The ink will disappear in 3 months direct sunlight. Sooo every client who buys one of his pieces is in for a nice surprise. Unless he includes a disclaimer. And if he does what’s the fucking point of buying one anyway?

    Also, show me the merit of reproducing facebook photos in pen. Yeah. Thanks…

  • Sundar

    These are wonderful. Chuck Close is a successful artist, and all he does is copy photographs in a quirky manner. I see no reason why this man shouldn’t be considered an artist.

  • Stephen

    Pics look nice, but tracing (i assume) and shading is not art no matter how well its done.

  • Coen

    This is not new and it is not art. In 1990 artist Jan Fabre colored a small castle in Bic ink.

  • ScoJo

    There needs to be an all-internet ban on people using the word “PhotoShop” to justify anything beyond their own skill set. All right complainers, let’s see some of your work. In the meantime, I’d like to comment on some of your comments.

    Jane Parking: Completely missing the point.
    Lip: Typical done-nothing naysayer.
    Mr. T: Leave the apartment. Maybe find a Chuck Close display.
    Illora: You’re half right.
    kaonashi: Your skepticism is as reasonable as an episode of CSI: Miami. The moon landing was a conspiracy too, right?
    Coen: Thank you SO much for your…really trite comment.

    I think it’s really cool to have taken the instant nature of a snapshot and put it into what was clearly a laborious process with one very basic, readily available tool. It should inspire people to think how much you can do with very little.

  • http://none CHELILAND

    PS: Haters who say they can do it with a projector: GIVE ME A BREAK! at the end is not work YOUR im seeing here.


    Casas TU TRABAJO ES EXPECTACULAR!! Espero poder verlo personalmente. besitos.

  • e-berlin

    Oh, I really think that’s all fake. All the pics look like they’re photos digitally remastered with a PS filter.

  • Brad Horner

    Yes I would say this is amazing work. Being photo realistic does not make it less awesome and I will explain my reasoning. At 10ft (3 meters) high you can display these so people at a distance will think it is a photo. As they get closer the texture would give it different feel. Maybe that is what the image lacks on the internet. Even if you could make it in Photoshop it would never have the impact of something hand crafted. Just knowing that something is hand made allows the viewer to see it differently.

  • Xtina

    1. The photoshop comments are repetive, unoriginal and incorrect
    2. Doing this with a graphite pencil isn’t impressive, but doing it with a BIC pen is
    3. The guy’s talented, and it’s art, but it’s really pretty uncreative and the guy’s portrayal of women seems pretty exploitative. Subject matter could be upgraded, and he needs to find a personal style as an artist. The photorealism thing can be a fun first step in one’s career, but not the climax.

  • Steve Holden

    [original artwork is without a stripe]

    Yes. God knows what would happen if somebody saw a nipple on the Internet.

  • SciFi Pilot

    Holy shit!!! And I thought I’d be an artist … this ist …. wow …..!!

  • Stephen

    Number 10 – so we are into censorship of art are we? What a shame

  • ali

    your pictures are amazing im no art critic but id love to be able to do what u do i love to draw and look at other peoples work i would never be able to do anything as life like as this. you have a real talent i might be a nobody but i know what i like.

  • Bello

    Photorealism is photorealism the point is picking a bic and creating an illusion that is not common and to win audience no matter the subject thats what makes it superb artwork!

  • BicFanPencil

    this is real talent. shows a cordination between hand and eye in a flawless manner. couldnt be done better. I draw at my spare time so i know. thnx for sharing

  • Madalena

    Why can’t people appreciate the fact that this guy has HAND DRAWN this photorealisms, instead of sitting on his lazy ass like all the people who said he could just photoshop them?
    Whoop de f—-ing doo. Anyone can photoshop. It requires TALENT and SKILL to actually produce this.
    And Juan clearly has that. These are amazing.
    And for the love of god, get over the photos. Girls have their breasts out. Wow. It’s not like that’s never been seen before.

  • Blah

    Uhh. This guys must have been horny x]

  • kyle cassidy

    absolutely brilliant. an incredible skill and a cohesion of style. I’m immediately drawn (ahem) to the rudimentary tools. it’s a serious lesson in “if you need fancier equipment, you might not just be trying hard enough” which I do very much appreciate.

    brilliant work

  • nostradumbass

    Taz is the most noteworthy of the pretentious twats out there, but art is there to evoke any emotion in you – doesn’t have to be drop-down impressive or boundary breaking concepts (Picasso for example, I don’t rate, but that’s just me – horses for courses fuckknuckle)

    This guy has talent and there is simply no denying it. To any one of you who feels they are better than this, and could do a better job, stick your pic up somewhere and link it, then maybe you will get an article done on you and the skill you exhibit.
    Til you have demonstrated your worthiness of criticism, stfu and let someone bask for just a moment.

    Put up or shut up haters!

  • lalalovee

    Fantastic! Who cares if it can be done on photoshop, thing is, it isnt.
    he’s drawing what he loves, hes showing off his talent, and i bet most of the critisism is coming from people who have half the skill he has.
    Keep it up, This is some great art!

  • David

    i can smell the ink

  • Terry

    Photo realism always gets comments about it not being real art, and there will always be those that hate and diss it.
    The thing is, it IS a talent., and most people cannot do it. Unless you are talented enough to do it, you shouldn’t knock it.
    The fact that some think it is done in photoshop is proof of how good he is.

    • Charlie C.

      It’s not “talent” any more than one’s ability to fix a sink is “talent.” It’s rather more simple than that: it’s learned skill. In my experience, the only people who talk about “talent” are those who don’t actually draw. Anyone who does draw, realises that their abilities come not from some magical “talent” part of their brain but from learning and continued effort. Additionally, I assure you that anyone, if they really put in the effort, can in very short time reach the skill level required to copy photos like this. It’s not the height of skill but rather a very elementary ability that anyone can reach within three or four months even if they’ve never drawn before in their life.

      I’m not trying to put the artist down, just trying to explain that the ability required to copy photos like this is well within the reach of everyone here. I took up drawing about two years ago and I used to look at this sort of work and think it was the ultimate goal, the desired end that I might reach after a decade of hard work, but in fact within just a few months I was able to copy photos to a level equal to the artist here. At that time I didn’t have a great control of drawing, no, I couldn’t draw so well from my imagination or even build from referencs, but I could look at a photo and copy it correctly, yes, it truly didn’t and doesn’t take much at all. I’m no one special either, I’m trying to big myself up here, I’m saying simply that what you see here is a skill that’s a lot more achievable than many of you seem to think.

      • Andyyjudd

        I’m going to say this as an artist my self… Anyone can be taught how to draw… Weather or not they fully retain that data is completely reliant on which side of the brain that particular person uses. Yes, MOST people can draw… But those who use more of the right side of the brain or labeled more ” creative ” are capable of pushing past the 2-d aspect of for example stick figures… Fixing a sink and understanding how to manipulate a material to create something that fools even the human eye are completely different. Some people are just more talented in understanding how to do that. Anyway… you’re comparing apples to oranges.. 

        Also, you note that anyone can acquire ” that skill level ” That is false… you see, i go to an art university… I’m around all sorts of artist’s… Some can’t comprehend the 3-d aspect of a piece of work in the manner of composing it. So really, it is a talent, because some people do indeed have the ability to learn how to draw and paint, but the will top out so to speak at a certain point where as other’s who are just naturally skilled or ” talented ” don’t… All in all, don’t compare fixing a sick to drawing. it’s a bad example in the first place… plus, there is a BIG difference… You’re ” fixing ” as sink… Were as, you’re creating something completely from nothing except a pen and paper… 

        Skill is learning to do something with precision, a Talent is being able to automatically do it with out being taught…  

      • Stephen Hammock

         You couldn’t copy a straight line. Why don’t you go spread your humbug somewhere else. This is awesome.

  • mike

    the camara has already been invented ,save yourself alot of time &effort, move on to an artists real job of offering a view, a insight into a subject.And this is from a fellow artist,MOVE ON!

  • David

    I`m a artist …and its the first time i see these type of work and style ….that means = from my point of view thats original! soo nice work .. still i would like to see and smell you art`works live :)

    P.S. sorry for my bad english ….not a native english speaker

  • Jwasnich

    I think an artist truly knows they’ve made something worthwhile when folks argue about it. If it wasn’t worth it, who’d waste their time caring about how phenomenal or awful it is? When art evokes a reaction, positive or negative, it has succeeded.

    So kudos, man.

  • Kaikaikit

    The technique is amazing and this is really fine art works. People that think photo realism are just cheap art should just try it out first before talking i agree that it might be not very creative to copy pictures but i didn’t see any works similar to these drawings on google.
    To draw like  Mr. Casas requires a good understanding of anatomy and light and years of practice.
    Before you can really draw realistic stuffs you need to come with lots of skills and practice and only few people can do that without being cheesy nowadays.

    When it’s too abstract people think is shit when they have no background to  “understand and appreciate” and when it’s too realistic people think it’s Photoshopped or meaningless.
    Projecting picture on a paper is not as easy as you think to trace just check a very interesting documentary from David Hockney Secret Knowledge you will understand what i’m talking about.What can people do without their mouth?

    Photorealism still requires technique and hard work it’s not given from gods this is bullsh*t.99% work for 1% talent but of course there is always some genius among us.
    @Charlie C
    I drew for more than twenty years and i wouldn’t even pretend a fraction of what you said maybe you are more talented so you should share your amazing skills with us instead of speaking without proof.
    Photo realism requires sensitivity and i defy anyone that can reach Mr Casas skills in such format and and realism in 4 months, people are just jealous of others people’s talent.
    Draw hard and talk when you are able to show some nice works. Period.

  • Eexploria-Blogger

     Great talent and impressive works!!

  • Paige Matranga

    You people are soooooooooo pretentious
    I’m an artist I  use bic pen like this guy and it’s really fun
    He’s just having fun
    that’s why people draw
    for fun and expression 

  • zain ul abideen

    u are sobad,son of a gun,dog

  • Ballpen_artist

    Hello all i am also a ballpen artist and yes i agree that anyone with dedication and persistance can learn to draw as well as juan please allow me to address a valid point here mr casas draws his portraits ten feet tall at that size most people would draw an image that might look just ok but when you reduce average looking that is ten feet tall to the size you see  it here online it will look very photo realistic try it if you dissagree you will see that i am right

  • Twinney River

    so realistic and beautiful !

  • Alain Lasagna

    this is so BORING! Art is supposed to illustrate stuff in a realistic yet fun (creative and slightly vague in order to leave the viewer his very own interpretation). this is an IMAGINATION KILLER!

  • Matthew Salt

    If it’s rubbish they will hate it, and if it’s good they will hate it because they will be envious. I am envious but I appreciate just how good this is. Look at the size of the drawings and yet the quality is still there. People who say this is not art or that it is rubbish should just go away. What would these critics like him to draw? You cannot imagine a person in such detail. The artist has a pair of eyes and he draws what he sees. 

  • Matthew Salt

    If it’s rubbish they will hate it, and if it’s good they will hate it because they will be envious. I am envious but I appreciate just how good this is. Look at the size of the drawings and yet the quality is still there. People who say this is not art or that it is rubbish should just go away. What would these critics like him to draw? You cannot imagine a person in such detail. The artist has a pair of eyes and he draws what he sees. 

  • JellyBeans

    Haters, please post up your own pen art to back up your statement that this is something anyone can do. Pfffff. What is with these nonsense comments? Jealous much?

  • IJs


  • eyebeams

    Look at Leonardo’s drawings and then look at these – which which will last the test of time I wonder?

  • vincent

    if you believe this artist is drawing 10ft copys of photos without the use of a projector,,i have a bridge i think you would be interested in…lol

  • Khrissie Farrands

    How many pens do you think it took to draw something like those? incredible!

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