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Surreal Long Exposure Photos of Gold Fireflies

While many of you have enjoyed looking at 30 Breathtaking Examples of Long Exposure Photography we posted earlier, we just realized that this list is missing some stunning photos by Yuki Karo.

Japanese photographer goes to various places around Maniwa and Okayama Prefecture in Japan and uses long exposure to capture some stunning shots of mating gold fireflies. The results are just mind blowing! One may think that Yuki Karo has found a way to take photographs in his dreams.

These dreamlike photographs are made during the rainy seasons, from June to July, when fireflies mate after thunderstorms.


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  • Tamar Elmensdorp-Lijzenga via Facebook

    that is so pretty!

  • Maria Nadeau via Facebook

    Wow! That is Amazing!

  • Whitney XiaoYuan He via Facebook

    ‘You would not believe your eyes
    If ten million fireflies’~! So beautiful~

  • Evita Andrianni

    Great pics.

  • solu

    would love to have all of them on wallpapersize…. any chance? :(

    • Anonymous

      There’s a link to the author’s website in the introduction. Go there and you’ll find large pictures.

Author:   Date posted: Feb 23rd, 2012
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