The Tree House Series was born because I wanted to practice trees and color harmony. I'm a self-taught watercolorist and have discovered the following so far:

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1. Shadows are important

2. Buntings are fun

3. Many people really, really want to live in a tree house

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Neighborhood, Rowhouse

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Hannah Hollowell 3 months ago

Those tree houses look so fun!!!!!


Neighborhood, Skyscraper

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Zori the degu 3 months ago

I`ll move to live here with all my present and future pets! I hope it`s in a quiet forest with no more than two-three neighbours! And it definetelly must be full of forest creatures to explore!

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Tree House 6

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Miss Coco 3 months ago

Super cute!

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Tree House 10

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Tree House 2

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Aaron Cris 3 months ago

I can picture Calvin scaling this ladder with Hobbes close behind. Your paintings a make me smile and take me to a happy place.


Tree House 8

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Tree House 4

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Tree House 9

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Tree House 7

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Stop-mashina 3 months ago



Tree House 1

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Tree House 3

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Tree House 5

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